By way of introduction, my name is Chris Madden and I am a Real Estate Specialist for the U.S. Postal Service.  I recently graduated with the degree of Doctor of Arts in Leadership Studies.  Being a 41+ year career Postal employee, my dissertation focused on the first Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin being a Servant Leader.  In celebration of, and appreciation for Franklin and his many accomplishments and idiosyncrasies, I am hosting an open art exhibition called "Franklin: An Artistic Interpretation of Pure Genius" at the Buttonwoods Museum- home of the Historical Society of Haverhill, Massachusetts USA from September 21, 2016 through October 7, 2016.  It is my hope that this exhibit will travel to other venues.        

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Ben Franklin Art Exhibit

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​​All artists are invited to send artwork through the mail for this exhibition.  It would be appreciated if it was postmarked no later than September 15, 2016.  There are no fees, no sales, and no returns.  Artists may submit up to 4 pieces of art to be included in this gallery show.  This show will document the many facets of Benjamin Franklin through the eyes of contemporary artists.  All participating artists will receive acknowledgement.  Artists must include their name and address.  The exhibition will show paintings, drawings, prints, collages, mixed media works, photography, sculpture, tattoo designs, spray paint work, etc.  Any size art work is acceptable.  If you do not want to send your original art, send a good photo or a professional print.  Artists agree to allow their work to be reproduced.  If interested, please mail your work to Ben Franklin Art Exhibit; P.O. Box 56; Groveland, MA 01834 USA.